Switching across to Ocean Beach and a day by the beach

So today switching USA hostels and going to the ocean beach location, so up early to check out and get the free shuttle they offer. There was going to be an American guy called tony coming, but apparently you are not allowed to stay more than 14days in a year at any one location which seems but unfair if you want to come back. Otherwise it’s just myself and German Flo who head across with some trek America people wanting to find a bar to watch the euro football as England playing Iceland. 
First impressions of the beach is that it isn’t as nice as others I have seen and there are a lot of homeless about. It has a pier and think that’s what makes it look ugly, but the sand is a nice white and when the sun shines on it it looks much better just been spoilt with ones like Coronado. But it grows on me throughout my time here and it has a cool edgy vibe about the town. A very surfer town which is what I like, although the waves here are not that big but near the pier there is a spot where the waves go big and have a lot of power. Cool to watch and a lot if people do watch from the top of the pier. 
We walk along the beach heading up to the end beach called Dog Beach, as after that it is the San Diego river and have to go in and over the main bridge to go further. As we walk along we see the hot coal areas for beach bonfires and there is a constant flow of Pelicans flying over the beach always in the super cool group formations. After we walk along the high street and there are some cool shops with a lot of tattoo and body piercing places too giving it a little feel like Camden. The bars seem to have a lot of deals with $3 drinks and most look like cool dive bars rather than posh bars. 
We stop for a tea and coffee at a cute little cafe that is set in a garden with lots of cute features like herb garden boxes, little garden ornaments of frogs and toadstools plus little pictures and bookshelves about. It’s really nice to just sit there and chill out and after Flo leaves to get his bus 35 to old town, use the time to have a catchup with sister. There are some cute dogs sleeping and hanging out here too. 
Once the sun starts coming out I head to the beach to chill and write some stuff up, and spend rest of the afternoon there soaking up the Rays. It is a busy beach and a lot of people in the ocean despite it being cold. I decide to check in later so after the beach head back for the sunset cliff walk as the hostel is doing a free trip. 
27th June 2016

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