A night at the Freemont Arts Factory

Heading back from hanging out with Bali Joey at his casino PALACE STATION by time I arrive back to hostel cat it’s quite late after having to get two buses and it taking an hour, despite actually only being 10mins away.  So as soon as I walk in to the picnic area am told they are leaving in 20mins, so it’s a mad dash to get changed and also a chance to meet the people in my room properly. All a cool group there is an English girl Emma Jade a burlesque dancer and a Brazilian guy Maycon (or Michael) who both live in Vancouver which is coincidence. There is also a German guy who is quite and doesn’t chat too much.

Luckily the shower is free as Emma and Maycon already ready and heading to the shop to get some booze, as the plan tonight is to go to Fremont street ARTS FACTORY which once a month at the start of month has a mini street party so you can take your own alcohol which makes it bit of a cheaper night.
As we are heading out there is a big group of us going – maybe 25 or so plus most of the guys who work at the hostel like Chris and Will from England, Chandler who owns it, American girl who’s birthday it is and the 2 blonde girls from Sweden and England who are both very sweet. It’s funny I see Dagenham Emmanuel from LA banana bungalow hostel just checking in, so that’s cool and wasn’t expecting to see him in Vegas. And even funnier is that he is in my room too in the bunk above me! But as he is late getting in he doesn’t come out to Fremont street with us.
It’s not too far a walk from the hostel and it’s pretty busy out with lots of stalls etc, open bars and then the actual Arts Factory which has lots of different rooms with some really cool and interesting art pieces. There is a girl playing violin upstairs in one room with a guy on the bongos and that sounds really funky. The art in here is quite creepy, but cool at the same time as very zombie and horror like. The other art here I really like is an Alice in Wonderland room that has sculptures and paintings with whacky takes of characters like the mad hatter and the sort of thing I would buy.
We stay at the factory for about hour or so and finish off in one of the bars there that is funky and great value too as this part of town is so much cheaper than the main strip! Unfortunately by the time we leave it is starting to rain in Vegas and since it hardly rains  in Vegas anyway it is very heavy and just like being in a shower. So with the walk being a good 20-25 mins away we really look like drowned rats by the time we get to gold Gold Digger Club in Golden Nuggett. I’m not too fussed as take on the beach wave look, but for most of he girls it’s emergency fixes in the toilet! Does give us a good chance to gossip and get to know each other, as a lot of the girls work in the hostel. A girl called Catherine is English and really friendly – and who happens to be hating the rain look, but it is a giggle.
So gold diggers is free with the hostel to get in and also cheap drinks (2-4-1)  and we stay there for most of the night, however it is small and it does get a bit boring after awhile as not a huge crowd. Emma and I do consider going on somewhere else, but still totally shattered after the travelling to vegas and being at the pool party all day I decide to just head back. With the plan being to stay up outside with the hostel group drinking and playing some games, I end up crashing out and before I know it is morning and I have to do the partying all over again!
 2nd July 2016

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