360 views after hiking Cowled Mount

So with the original plan of just having a sleep in as check out not until 11am and hitting the beach, it is a last minute decision to go on the hostel hike as it starts at 9.30am and up early think it is more productive to do that and then can do beach in the afternoon. So with a super quick turnaround I make it in time with it only to be delayed as one if the workers there a Britain guy that has a twisted knee locked the keys in the van, which is good for me as gives me time to grab breakfast first and stock up on drinks for the hike.

So it is about a 20minute drive away and we go via the other hostel to pick up people and German Flo is on the tour and with him is an Irish chemical engineer lecturer ho seems sound. The hike is in the MISSION TRAILS REGIONAL PARK and it’s great that the hostel drives us here. So there is about 8 of us hiking and as we arrive the sun is out in full force, so that makes it harder but the actual walk is no problem at all as more gradual incline than steep so don’t feel like it is hard on the legs or I need to stop much.

It is pretty cool views all the way up with views of all of San Diego and the lake so just follow the path around for about 45minutes. It’s nice to have people on the tour as good to chat while you hike and meet a cool guy staying at ocean beach from Holland called Thomas soon moving to Amsterdam to study, but previously had his own music production company.

At the top it feels like are rewarded with such a beautiful view – 360 degree view with signs showing all the key spots like sea world, Balbora park, Coronado so really good if you get a clear day and no smog like there is a little bit of today. It’s a nice place to just sit and chill for awhile enjoying the views, but we need to get back so head on down after about 15minutes and it is a pleasant walk down just chatting away to the Irish lecturer as his work is really interesting. By the time we get down our lift back to the hostels is pretty much there and looking forward to getting back and having a cold shower.

28th June 2016

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