Vegas return – Marquee and a Bali reunion

So wanting to sleep forever after the uncomfortable coach from San Diego (via LA) arriving 5.30am and killing 2 hours in the Golden Nugget in Starbucks drinking caffeine drinks before can head to Hostel Cat, it takes a lot of will power to energise myself for heading to a pool party. A feeling I am going to have to get used to I think for this weekend! So deciding to try out MARQUEE as SAVI is playing and have never been there before we need to be there by 2pm. REHAB the other option was a 12pm entry and also being in the middle of nowhere put me off.

Meeting Joey eventually after getting the DUECE bus along to Cosmo, which seemed to take forever also much traffic and not having wifi meant could only say to Joey to be at the Starbucks there at a certain time and considering the bus got me there 10inutes, I thought it was going to be impossible to meet him. Once I do find him, it is pretty easy to get in and is fairly busy by the time we arrive. Nothing like wet republic busy, but this is a much classier pool party with a more older crowd. Still as splash crazy in the pool though!

Trying to get in the party vibe with a few beers, its too hot to be out in the sun so pool a good hiding place. Everyone is pretty sociable there and get chatting to a few of the nearby beds, some of them offering a few of their beers or shots so all good. Joey is on form, chatting away to everyone and it is really cool to have a re-union with him in Vegas of all places after being in Bali and Gilies together!

He seems to be working it so far in Vegas as managed to get his room free for 5 nights as the PALACE STATION where is staying knows his dad, so means he even got a limo ride to Marquee lol a much better mode of transport than my Duece bus. More of a gambler than me though, he seems intent on trying to leave Vegas on the up and so makes some use of the black jack tables a Marquee.

We stay there for about 2-3 hours, until the pool is a bit too shady which is a shame for this pool party as means there is less spots to catch the sun if you don’t want to get cold. The dance floor isn’t too shady yet and Savi who is playing, is actually quite good and would listen to him again. The dancefloor has the ice blasts and lots of confetti shooting out getting the dancefloor more going. But some of the people chatting too, a group there for a poker championship, seem a bit worse for wear already laying flat out on the beds in the sun.

We decide to head off, but not before taking in the cool views from being this high up on the roof. In need for food – particular craving for Express Panda Noodles – we manage to catch a ride back to the palace hotel after the noodles so get to check out the free room Joey managed to get comped a nice rom with sofa, table and views over most of vegas. Even of the roof as it is the 40th birthday of the palace so they have a tonne of fireworks all layed out on the roof, so that would be cool to see.

Already quite late by the time we get back, after a few vodka drinks from his room, have to try and work out the buses again to the hostel, which I quickly realise is not cheaper or easier than uber as takes about hour and bit to actually go a 10minute journey. Especially as just means that by the time I get back to the hostel I need to rush around to be able to make the Fremont Arts Factory trip out.

July 1st 2016

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