A San Diego surf day and bonfire on the beach

So after a mini work out hiking to the Cowles Summitt, by time get back it is nearly time to check in so end up hanging around the hostel for an hour or so chatting to guys in the patio area about the surfing here in ocean beach while also working out plans for Vegas since I need to know how many days to stay in SD and when to leave. It’s cool as find out that Joey who I met in Bali is in Vegas same time, so will be good to catch up with him there -so working out best plans.

I also need to pick up a handful of contact lenses to make sure I don’t run out and luckily there is an optician right opposite the hostel practically so get it sorted quickly as I gave my prescription to show them. After that it’s check in time, but it takes ages as some big groups before me which is annoying as using up my beach time.

There is a German girl Klara who get chatting to outside who is keen to take a surf board out as she wants to learn, so decide to go out together and for only $10 for 4 hours it is great value. The boards are just long foam boards, but ok and not too awkward to carry to the beach. There are a few others from the hostel surfing, with three Aussie lads Tony, Ryan and Hugh going out to the pier area and tell us to join them. So that is where we start and I try and give Klara some basics on how to stand up on the board, but the waves really are not good for learning although the power in them is cool for an initial push. It is just very crowded and the waves are not that big, so everyone going for same one. I get bit put off as an American guy surfing shouts that I cut him off and nearly hit him on the head, however I was being carried and tumbled by the wave so no choice in where I went. Before that I manage to catch one decent wave, but get carried too far into the beach on the wave and as I jump off there are all stones on the beach so ends up sore.

The guys by the pier are all good especially the Aussie guy Ryan, who you can tell does it a lot! He works at clovalley hotel which is funny as that is where Ali’s friend lives when I stayed with her and we were going to go there for Easter, but it shut early. So to try and see if the other waves on the beach are any better, we move away from the pier but again as the sections that are any good are so small it is too busy and too hard to get to the right spot. Nearly being in the water for couple hours with no wet suit we start to get a bit cold plus tired so head back to the hostel around 6 so we can get ready for the bonfire at the beach starting at 8pm.

Once I’m ready, which takes ages to get all the seaweed from the ocean out if my hair haha, I have time to check out the shop opposite called CLOSET to buy some new shoes as they are a bargain price of $17 and grab a cheap burrito as part of taco Tuesday so just $3.
At the beach for the bonfire we manage to get one already out up so makes it easier setting up and the fires are just 5minutes away from the hostel. There is a big group of us and cool way to meet new people and is cool watching the end of the sunset around the fire. The guys from the hostel running it – a guy called Geordie (like the show Geordie Shore) from New Zealand gives us all marshmallows to cook with two crackers and chocolate to make a marshmallow sandwich – super yummy just slightly messy! There is a cool guy from my dorm just arrived who is from Newcastle called Micheal and so the guy called Geordie fits in well with them seeing as they are actual Geordies.

So end up hanging at the beach until about 11pm with Holland guy Thomas, Geordie and Micheal from Newcastle, the 3 Aussie lads from surfing, a girl from Arizona and a girl who brings who small guitar and a so is a fun night. A big group of random people turn up and join in also, bringing pallets of wood to add for the fire so the bonfire really gets going. It does start getting chilly when the fire dies down, which is the only downside of the bonfires.

After the bonfire once the drink has run out, head back to the hostel via a shop and there are a few people hanging out there so stay there for a bit before checking out a couple of the bars nearby with the guy from Newcastle as he is keen since just arriving to see what’s going on. We end up going to a few as all a bit quiet, but in the end finding an ok one to stay in until they all shut at 2am.
28th June 2016



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