Another wild wet republic pool party with Aoki

So with the plan of going to the Hoover dam today with Thurston, I’m up quite early but as its only 45mins away still able to get a sleep in. Everyone from the group last night seems half asleep too and only myself and the two Dutch lads awake and about. Heading out the front door today though the first thing that hits me is just how super hot it is – like a hairdryer blowing straight into your face and decide that it is actually too hot to go to the Hoover dam and that it needs to be a day hiding in the pool. And if going to a pool then might as well go and listen to good music, so as I’m already signed up to the Steve Aoki guest list at wet Republic decide to try that instead. 
As everyone gradually wakes up, the two Dutch lads are keen and Thurston is up for doing Hoover dam the following day. So as we wait for him to get ready, AJ at first not keen to comes decides last minute as does Tom both with only 5minutes to the taxi. All a bit hit and miss whether we will get in for free since the list says go between 11-2pm and has we arrive at MGM it is already 2pm. Rushing the guys through we all start running only to get lost and caught up in some conference that is happening and it is quite amusing as someone is trying to give me a badge when I’m actually asking where wet Republic is. It is quite amusing for the boys too all running through with flip flops on during the hottest day have yet had in Vegas. 

Once we get there the que is huge and so don’t have much expectation that we will get in and waiting in the line is torture with the temperature and after the short run. However our luck seems to be in and the list gets us all in for free and by this time it is about 2.30pm so good to know how much the lists can be pushed. 

It is super packed though and probably the busiest I’ve seen it, maybe because it is the first day after EDC and its Aoki. I think a little bit too busy as the bar takes far too long and so does getting a locker as its better for us all to share since we are going to have to stay in the pool all day as just so hot. 

The atmosphere is cool and we manage to get a spot for the day. Everyone at these pool parties always like to splash so much, which is fine as long as it doesn’t go in the eyes. The people there also seem a little crazy and as the day goes on and everyone drinks more, a few of the nearby couples start getting a little bit too friendly and visual than needed for a pool. 

The music is generally quite good, but like last time can get a bit repetitive but the best thing about Aoki is he is an entertainer and although I’m sure he should be dj’ing instead he always dances on the stand and is good at getting the crowd going asking people to come up and dance with him, using a giant inflatable raft to surf people in the crowd and gets guest appearances from chain smokers and Armin van buren so all very cool. 

Staying literally in the pool all day as its so hot despite the pool not really even being cold it’s nice group and cool to hang out with Thurston, AJ, Tom, Rick and Niek. Not really going to crazy any of us on the drinks after previous day, but at least one frozen cocktail for a mere $40 (£30) is a must. Towards the end nearly when we are leaving I bump into Gregor my friend from Scotland, which is cool and shame didn’t see them earlier and again miss Chubb as he is in the room. Great to see them even if for a little bit. 

Once we leave we head to New York hotel as I have to pick up my vietnam dress I left behind and then as that takes ages we all grab some food in the Irish pub in the hotel getting some real food – a nice stew with vegetables – rather than pizza I’ve been eating far too much of. Then the boys want to check out the strip so we walk down and even though it’s 8pm at night it is still 38 degrees! We catch the bellagio fountain show always very cool but again miss the mirage volcano show as inky on twice at 9 and 10pm during the week. We also walk through Caesars casino and the forum walk way, which I think AJ is most impressed with within the group. Last stop we go is the Venetian to see their version of Italy and also very cool with the detail of the Venetian houses and the gondolas. 

By time we get back it is quite late about 10pm and the hostel is really lively as it is one of the girls birthday in the hostel and so we end up just hanging out there and drinking in the picnic table area with some of the guys who work there like Will and Chris both from England. London Harry (aka prince Harry) is also back from his adventures of Beverly Hills and he is one person who might be slightly crazier than me in terms of spontaneous decisions to go places. 
20th June 2016



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