A last minute night swim with Alesso at Encore XS

After such a fun day we are not back too late, although due to uber surges end up having to wait much longer to get back but all just chill in Mandalay hotel not a bad place to be. So with not too much going on at the hostel I think due to EDC we all decide to head to see Alesso as I got a late guest list entry and everyone is a fan of Alesso. All quite last minute in the end it is the same group all but Harry who is deciding to grab a lift to LA with someone from the Disclosure party, so It’s me, Thurston, Tom and AJ plus the two Dutch boys are keen Rick and Niek so it’s a full group. 
XS being at the Wynn it is the nicest one have been too, but also the hardest to get in and not knowing this is a equal ratio list the boys end up having to pay about $50 to get in which is a shame as had we known it would have been so easy to get girls to join our list as so many. 

But everyone happy to see Alesso and all impressed with the size of the party as I have never been here before. It is actually more like a large festival since there are 3 pools lots of side bars and places to sit. Not knowing it is also an actual night swim there are a lot of people just in swimwear and flip flops, so good to know for future since the lads all dressed up with shoes and shirts. However it does help later though to sneak into the VIP area and get a spot directly behind the Dj booth where later in the night Calvin Harris also rocks up and dies a guest appearance. And another big celebrity face there is a famous NBA basketball player. 

It is nice to be Outside and even the inside VIP bit is airy and not too hot and for a change isn’t crammed pack like sardines which most of the other clubs are. Definitely a good club and the night is lots of fun dancing to the Swedish house classics. We stay pretty much to the end too, which is about 4am so a long but good day starting with disclosure then here. 

19th June 2016




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