Exploring the strip and hostel cat

So it is check out day for New York New York and feeling super tired from the previous pool party and Aoki night, it is very tempting to just extend and stay another night as it is such a nice room and comfy bed. But the sensible head kicks, as it is too expensive and also as the kiwi lads are heading off, I decide it will be more fun in the hostel since it is better for meeting new people and also for finding out more about the national parks surrounding Vegas.

Hostel Cat is only $20 ($13) a night and the reviews all really good and all say how much of a social place it is. The only thing initially putting me off is the area, because it further away from the strip so not as easy to get around although there is a frequent bus that is $8 (5GBP) for 24hours.

So leaving the luggage with the bell desk at New York New York, I spend the most of the day walking up the strip checking out the hotels, walking through all the walk ways to keep out of the heat and seeing if anything has changed from being there two years ago. I need to get a price of UGG boots for sister, which is in ceasers palace in the FORUM, so that when I return for my flight home I can buy them for her. As it is just so big in here, this takes up a lot of time, but Ceasars is still my favourite and really enjoy walking along the shops under the sky ceiling with all the detail of the statues, sculptures and even the roman looking windows above the shops.

After the Forum walk,  I head across the road to the flamingo hotel to have a drink in the bar there MARGARETSVILLE as somewhere I haven’t been before. The bar here is well known for the big yards of frozen cocktails they sell. I don’t go for the yards, just regular size and it is nice to chill there for awhile drinking frozen cocktails. Good chance to organize all the pictures have taken for the blog, as everyday there are so many and people watch. There are some interesting characters in the bar like a crazy girl, who looks very drunk, singing country and western songs on the bar and lounging over all the guys she is with still looking like she is still on a night out despite it being 3pm in the afternoon! There is an interesting American guy called Jim too next me, visiting for a Oracle conference to train people and always get bit jealous at the large technology companies outing on these things in cool places like Vegas, as back in London would get these invites knowing would never be able to go.

After the drinks it is time to head back to New York New York and get my luggage and try out Hostel Cat hostel. Getting an uber this time, rather than standard taxi, as they are just so expensive costing $25 for me last time from the Greyhound coach station which was actually the same price as the coach, so not good value at all. Arriving at Hostel Cat, immediately it has a cool feel to it and everyone is sitting outside on the picnic area which is where all the social events take place. Checking in at the same time with a German guy who says he recognizes me from travelling, but can’t remember where we both need to settle in and get some drinks for the beer pong that is on at the hostel so take a walk to the shops to get some things. The area around the hostel isn’t too bad, however it is better to go with someone I would say as like Hollywood there are some crazy people around and you can never be too sure.

Once back there is a good group of people around and end up staying there for the evening, as the club night got moved to Tuesday as Afrojack on at Omnia so a better night. The hostel also has a lot of workers with a couple called Will, Chris who are cool to hang out with and then there is a lad from England called Henry staying there and so with them all them try out beer pong only to loose and end up having to drink a lot of wine and beer. Not the best combo. Ends up being a quite late night just chatting to everyone and after the heavy last two nights decide to save myself for the Omnia night instead.

13th June 2016


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