Pool day on the 8th flor roof of Stratosphere

So with a clear day ahead and the weather hot as standard here, a few of us from the Afrojack night out decide to head to the pool at the STRATOSPHERE. The hostel promotes a self guided tour, where you have to sneak your way into the hotel as they will charge $10 otherwise however they rarely check.

Getting a bus there from the hostel as he was going that way handily, we manage to get in no problem to it and it is nice up on the 8th floor so has some cool views although it is windy so when you are out of the pool it can be a little chilly. So the people there are a girl called Ejam here fro EDC from Turkey, Two cool American lads from Jackson – Dwight and Aron who are only 20 so not able to make the most of all that Vegas has to offer , which would drive me crazy lol. Is a shame as fun guys and think on a night out would have a good laugh and enjoy the amazing djs here. Also a Swedish guy who is trying to organise a canyon road trip, Kamil from Poland who also wants to hit up the canyon,  Alan from NZ who is a pretty high up chef at Gordon Ramsey and Alastair from London who is very entertaining and like me likes to talk a lot! It’s actually interesting chatting to the jackson lads as they tell me about how unique they are doing any travelling (only short time too) as apparently no one in there town travels so such a contrast to us in Europe maybe since everything is so close to us. Definitely a different culture and it’s just cool they got to experience it especially being such young pups! 

We end up getting invited to a cabana there by a girl called Mattie with her fiancé here from EDC and offers us their vodka and nachos, so good fun for a couple of hours chatting away too them.  A little bit of a crazy girl, quite drunk already but showing us their Dab-A-Saurous sign to make sure they don’t loose each other in EDC as it is so large. We leave there as the sun starts going heading for pizza at a place near our hostel. As we got a lift there, we are not sure how far away the hostel is so jump in an uber only to find out that it is literally around the corner  so only 10minute walk and a $5 cab fare.

The pizza place is good value as super sized for just $10 (£7) and sharing with Kamil it is actually large enough for 4 people. By the time we get back it is nearly 8pm and everyone is hanging out in the picnic area, so unsure what the plan is just chillout there for a bit to decide. Everyone seems a little tipsy some more than most and Ali carries his journal everywhere and apparently leaves it in the pizza place lol so has to go back and get it after Kamil (pretty sensible out of us all) reminds him.he left it. Lucky it was still there although to be fair the pizza place was only busy over the telephone for deliveries and inside we were the only group there. 

15th June 2016





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