A little live music at Rezzmatazze

So after a heavy night the whole hostel is struggling a bit and not as much of a party atmosphere. Even I feel more like chilling as tired after the surf lesson and from the late night. With most of the day relaxing on the bean bags around the pool, we all head quite late to the bar which is run by the hostel.

I get there a little later than the rest and on my way to the bar am followed by the hostel dog called Puppy. Super cute cross spaniel looking dog that just wants to play all the time so following me and playfully bighting although his teeth are sharp. Pleased I’ve had my rabies shot haha. He knows he can’t go too far – the invisible line so stops and lets me go on.

The music is pretty good playing well known songs and the girl who works at the hostel Katie is helping out playing a drum and shaker, which is quite amusing going along with the guy and his guitar.

We stay for couple hours, but it is just hostel people in there so not too busy. Perfect for when you want to relax and be party free!

Just back at the hostel sit outside chatting to a really nice dutch girl, who was here with her brother micheal both really cool. It’s far to hot even at midnight, so need to go hide in the aircon room.

21st March 2016




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