Bali Surf Day

So day 1 in Bali it’s a lovely sunny day super hot. Starting off the day trying to get back from the villa and again no taxis about so end up having to pay a local, who casually gets lost himself a few times as the hostel is out of the way.

So eventually getting back and managing to book a surfing lesson through the hostel, I get picked up at 3.30pm by a guy called Aldo and he is nice with good English which is helpfull for learning.

We head to a beach called Pantai and he runs through the basics and frustratingly it’s different to how I was taught in Byron even having the ankle tie on the different foot. So I spend a bit of time trying to switch and it takes awhile, but I eventually get there and end up at the end catching 3-4 really good waves and I get the thumbs up from him – yay! I book another lesson to practice the paddling for tomorrow and he says we will head to a different beach. The beach we learn at has nice size waves, not to powerful like the ones in noosa or Agnes. There are tonnes of other surfers out in the sea and Canggu definitely has a nice surfing vibe!

21st March 2016


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