Farewell Perth and hello Bali

So the time has come to finally leave Tamara and McGregor, this time on a more permanent basis, which is really sad as totally gonna miss them. managing to wake up hangover free, the last day is spent mainly washing, packing and doing all the last admin jobs I need to do while I have wifi and a laptop. The sun is out in full force so a nice last day to have and spend last few hours in the garden soaking up the rays, after a quick visit to the mall on a bed linen hunt.

Chilling in the garden little jango the neighbours dog pops over abd says a quick goodbye, always just roaming about without a lead running the area. Will be good company for the puppy Tamara ends up getting next month!

So having to leave at 3.30pm for a 6pm flight to Bali, whilst I’m super looking forward to going back to Bali I hate good byes and again it feels like dad is dropping me off for my next big backpacking adventure haha with McGregor driving me to the airport. Tamara got a last minute invite to an all inclusive secret dinner, so couldn’t come along to the airport so final goodbyes all before I leave.

The flight is all ok and on time going with air asia. Managing to sleep a bit as there are no films as it’s budget or alcohol, so no wine to enjoy. Arriving at 10pm my pre arranged pick up is ready and waiting thankfully and so arrive at wave hunter surf camp around 11ish and there is a mini pool party going on. Everyone seems nice and they give me beer as I start mingling. After an hour or so at 1am with 2 girls from the hostel head to Sand Bar. Attempting to walk to find a taxi, we don’t get far and luckily couple of the guys from the hostel pass by on scooters so we jump on as it is a 15minute ride away.

Sand bar is really cool, all on the beach with pretty good house music playing and as I arrive 2 many djs is on haha, so starting off well. It’s a nice group as there are others from the hostel there and we all stay until 3ish. Getting home prooves bit tricky tho and end up going to an after party at a nice villa and end up crashing there as no taxis about as Canggu is really quiet. The villa is owned by an English guy called Jay and his friend is staying there called Pete, a creative director for a fashion company and nice guy. Lovely place with nice pool – relaxing vibe. So night 1 overall pretty good fun.

20th March 2016





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