Hello again Perth – a brief return

So arriving in Perth at 11pm after a not so bad 5 hour flight and going back in time 2 hours  it’s fab to see Tamara and McGregor again. McGregor has actually just returned himself from a month long New Zealand trip so good timing with the flights (although he was out early and I was out late due to a 45min long wait for my bags!). Perth is a cool place and immediately feels like home again and this time being at their place they are official owners of the house, so now have their own part of the house they live in, so Michelle their housemate and I have our own wing.

So up early on the Friday morning, the sun is shining and as always with Perth beautiful blue sky making you want to be outside and make the most of the lovely climate. It’s so nice for it to not be so humid, like the east coast especially Airlie and Cairn’s where it virtually makes it impossible to sit outside, as all your doing is craving aircon.

Tamara is at work, so it’s just me and McGregor chilling around the house and he has a list of jobs for the house to keep him busy, while I have a list of blogs to write up for the past 2 weeks in Cairns and travel plans to sort out for the next chapter of the big adventure. So enjoying a quite chilled day in their place, until I take little henry the bike out in the afternoon just to Inaloo shopping center to meet McGregor to get some good food for a bbq. It’s nice, after the the last 2 months travelling, to being eating bbq food and vegetables, as that is’t often on the backpacker menu haha. It’s nice to be back on the bike again, although a little out of shape I’m sure it won’t take long to get back into it as plan to make the most of the cycling in Perth while I can.

So Tamara doesn’t get back too late at 7pm it is still super hot, so sit outside enjoying dinner and have a nice evening chilling all re-couperating after a heavy week and saving ourselves for the sundown sessions and Michelle’s birthday tomorrow. She gets in a little later after having a few birthday vino’s, while me and Tamara are trying our hardest to get into a new series called SENSE 8 that has some quite weird scenes and soryline, but Im intrigued to see if it gets any better so will maybe when Im back in the UK give it another trial.

11th March 2016


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