Sunday’s a Woolshed session and Monday’s one final reunion

After spending the last 3 nights in Gilligan’s and it being Emma’s last night before trying life in Melbourne, we decide to try out the Woolshed tonight to make a change and to avoid the wet T-shirt competition. The woodshed just around the corner and in front of the famous big bat tree where hundreds of them live, is more of a place for locals but does play better music. Much smaller and can get quite crowded as they have the cheeky monkey style benches to dance on as well as a small dance floor, most of the night is always spent on the balcony area.

So familiar faces I see are the Fraser/Magnectic girls Samara, Becky and Georgia so its fun to see them and have a good few dances as it is their last night s make the most of it. Also see Johnny Ruffo in their for little bit, as they apparently got asked to leave Gilligans for dancing on the tables! The girls Sarah and Charlotte only stay a little bit, as Sarah is up early to check out so head back with them and hang out in the club another hour or so as catch-up with Magnectic Island Chloe briefly and also meet a crazy group of English who are living in Sydney and here for a friends Birthday. All good fun and end up having a dance off with one of the guys called Steve, who is trying to make the most of the party before he leaves! Sunday nights finish earlier around 3am, so a few of us stay up as all leaving to catch flights at 6am so hesitant to fall asleep incase they all don’t wake up. Luckily I have a lazy Monday planned so can sleep in and use the day to relax, as only thing on the cards is booking up all my trips from Cairns.

So Monday night is my last main East Coast reunion as Scottish Rrory finally arrives, the one guy who apart from Amsterdam Frank I have hung out with in pretty much all stops since Byron Bay and it’s cool to know staying for the next week. We start off having a few drinks in the room, as it is Sarah’s last night too and also Christian and I have to both check out to move rooms as extended our stay. We have a new arrival in the room, Luke who actually already knows Christian as was staying in Gillies before trying out framework at Innis Falls that he hated and left. So it is a pretty fun room with us all and feels like a mini family, so stay drinking until about 10ish playing guess the song, artist and year from my iPhone NOW album collections, which Christian is pretty awesome at!

When we all head down, it is Gilligans got Talent that is quite silly but funny to watch with the highlight of the night being a toe wrestling competition that actually looks pretty painful. Each to their own ad what people will do to win a $100 bar tab. Sarah’s bus is at 1am, so when she heads off all but Luke head off and so spend the next hour hanging out with Luke, making the most of the $6 cider and listening to the live music put on after the talent show.  As it is a Monday, everything shuts at 2am and so just grab pizza as Luke can get free pizza through a friend and head back to room. Not everyone is asleep, so myself, Luke, Danish Sabrina and Christian sit out on the balcony for bit chatting away, all putting the world to rights until an american girl in the room asks us to be quiet so decide to call it a night, especially as I have a early start anyway to go scuba diving and ask the guys to try and make sure I’m up in time haha.

28th and 29th February (leap year) 2016



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