Farewell Byron Bay

Last day in Byron before hit surfers paradise for few days and weather pretty ropey, so decide to have a final surf session to build up my paddling strength. Black Dog have been super cool and helpful and it’s like my little surfing family I’ve been there all week. Renting the board from there again Dean the owner gives me a lift to the beach as going there with his kid, which is a massive help as a fair distance to walk! The waves at the pass are quite low but tide coming in so gets easier to catch waves as don’t need to go so far back out, but it’s so windy it actually too hard to even walk out there with a board and tge current is way to strong. Good training tho and manage to catch a few waves so all good.

Luckily able to jump in the black dog learning bus, I drop my board back when the lesson is done and spot Alex and Nicole chilling on the beach, so can show them my trusty 9ft yellow board I’ve been using. So when back it’s farwell to the team there so Stewart and Dom the instructors, dean the owner and his Tam who is awesome and been so accommodating with it all. A great business and place to learn to surf for sure!

So last few hours before the bus goes, I bump into the brits from Nimbin and hang out with them for bit before heading back to Aquarius for Alex from sweden to cut my hair as she is a hairdresser. Just trimming off the ends makes it immediately feel so much better. So pretty sad to leave the hostel as its so like a big family village and will miss the swedish girls and Mia, even the resident lizard that hangs out there will be missed. But afterba week in Byron I have to head for the bus onto surfers the next adventure!

30th January 2016







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