A few cheeky monkey night outs

So Byron’s nightlife is pretty cool, but small so end up in the same places and it seems cheeky monkey’s is the place as end up there 2 more times after Australia Day. Still mental and dancing on the tables, which is too restricting but it’s quite fun.

So now staying in Aquarius,  which is so much more of a social and party hostel than YHA with the free dinners every night, cheap drinks, evening activities and staying in a super cool dorm room with outside patio to drink your own booze  (although not technically allowed drinking in room). Also when their bar closes have a bus to take you onto a club with a free drink stamp.

So wednesday was the ping pong comp, which I lost lol and cheeky monkey night so head there just to get the free drink and catch up with Glasgow Rory who met previous night in woodys and was a funny dude. Not too busy out as most recovering after ozzie day so have tables to ourselves to dance on haha.

The next night, Thursday is party night as it’s Nicole a swedish friend in the dorm birthday, so all in a party mood. Alex her best friend does everyone’s make up and have bit of a girly night joining in the party of another swedish guy just arrived who has lots of swedish friends, so end up with about 15 of us playing drinking card games in the patio with myself being only brit and an American guy. After 4 hours of dorm drinking we get the bus to cheeky monkey’s for our free drink. Tonight much busier and bigger group as Mia from glasgow works in byron so knows all the bar workers, which is handy. All quite happy doing birthday celebrations for Nicole a couple of us want an after party when it closes. Mia and I end up getting an invite to a
mansion house party that was pretty amazing to check out. Held by a bucks group they managed to get a few people to party and we stay until about 7am before need to leave to get sleep before my Nimbin tour in a few hours. A cool vibe although some alternative people there in particular a girl who loves trees so much she got a tattoo of a tree on her arm. We left her dancing on the table acting very hippie. The ride back we managed to see the sunrise and mist over byron as was so high up in mountains, so quite breathtaking.

With Friday being my last night in byron, a few of us in the dorm are drinking while some like the Swedish girls recovering from the birthday drinks. It’s my first time drinking in the kitchen at Aquarius and it’s pretty lively as Murray is winning the semi final Melbourne cup and it’s bring your own booze so much cheaper than the bar. Tonight’s free drink and club is woodys, which I think is a favourite with it’s outside area and more Dancy tunes. It’s all good fun and a nice send off to byron with fun group of us Rosie and kate from england, quincy and Jop from holland, who more than likely will bump into again as all going same direction.

Wednesday 27th-Friday 29th January



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