Checking out sharks, rays and turtles at Julian Rocks

After having 4 days of dives being cancelled, we finally do the dive at Sundive who were so good. Only being a scuba diver first level I can dive to 12m, which is perfect for Julian Rocks Dive Sites as most shallow and they always go to the nursery site to moor the boat, which is like a super sized dingy so pretty cool.

I have 45mins for refresh of skills in pool, which is really helpful considering its been nearly 2months since I dived in Gillies and my training wasn’t that great or thorough enough. Liz the instructor is amazing and really good at teaching and calming as diving is still very daunting and while I love the marine life, the feeling of being under is still scary and feel unconfident.

As it is cold water we need to wear full wet suit and as Im learning get given a thick suit 5mm as they make me more buoyant and it’s a nightmare to get on as literally having to squeeze in as it’s so tight and takes about 10mins.

The dive group is large and there are 2 other on the pool refresher who are nice and have done about 10dives more than me. The dingy boat is cool especially how they get it on and off the transit car launching it into the sea with tge help of the boat and as it’s full up makes it easier to help at the end. Going across is fun as the waves are choppy so it’s very like a ride lol.

The actual Julian Rock has nothing on it apart from tonnes of birds.

Getting into the water was interesting as waves so strong and have to pull yourself down the mooring rope. Not like Gilli T where there is minimal current. As soon as I go down the rope my masks fill and a bit panicky as couldn’t do it, Liz the dive guide is really good and helps before before we go down and I get used to diving again. Liz also does all the equipment for us 3 refresher divers, so absolutely nothing to worry about or do which reassures me as too worried of doing something wrong. She also offers to hand guide me as my buoyancy skills not great and it can be strong currents that can drift u away as she just wants me to enjoy seeing the marine life as it is so beautiful and diverse. So much to see from several leopard sharks sharks just gracefully swimming around looking very gummy and gormless as have no teeth. There are other sharks and also rays that come here but varies by season.

For Rays we saw sting and eagle with the other 2 seeing a manta, which is on my list to see but people can wait years to them as that is what I was looking for in Nusa Lembogan. We also see turtles and a total abundance of fish and so nice being able to see above you hundreds swimming in schools all different colours. There are some beautiful rock coves look so colourful with a turtle sleeping in it and multi coloured fish. Liz even touches some if the rocks thay have plants on it getting them to open and close up again.

Most of the floor is sand so visibility is better and see lots of stingrays hiding and Wobbergong or also known as carpet sharks and so cool to see as very big and lots just on the sea bed. It reminds me of being in a gold fish bowl looking at the different layers of marine life with large leopard sharks and more solo travelling fish swimming above and then schools above that.

The dive lasts about 45mins and by the end it’s much colder water and am pleased to get back on the boat to safety as still not that confident underwater despite Liz guiding me around and the amazing scenery and marine life. But still keen to try more as practice makes perfect.

28th January 2016








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