Australia Day Byron

So after a morning of doing the most ozzie thing possible for being Australia Day and being wiped out in my 2nd surfing lesson back about 2pm , with Ashleigh from Glasgow we both need bit of time to chill. I have to move hostels from YHA Byron to Aquarius which is a really nice apartment style room with ensuite showers and garden area, so bit different to the YHA small very hot room only.

So the new dorm mates are pretty cool and doing pre drinks for ozzie day so have a couple before I head to Beach Hotel to meet Ashleigh about 6 where they have the radio tripple JJ top 100 on and it has a Sunday session vibe so quite busy. But after the #1 is announced we get on the dancefloor and it’s busy for awhile, but does empty out. So decide to head up to cheeky monkeys as not been there yet, which is pretty weird for dancing as dance on metal tables and you face each other dancing so a bit 18-30s and it’s hard dancing in one spot too long too.

We also go via the railway which has live music and is quite good but quite alternative too lol with the bogan look going on I think a lot fancy dress.

Last stop is woodys and its bit of a hip hop and dub step night but fun. Meet another glaswegian who is pretty mental and good fun to hang out with. End up being the last there via an egg muffin so not a bad day overall.

26th January 2016









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