Hello Perth

So after a fun 2 months of travelling Asia , it’s time to try being a backpacker downunder! A good 5hour flight with Singapore airlines, with a swift change at Singapore giving enoygh time for couple of wines on the plane, dinner and to watch Straight out of Compton. Super excited when land to see Tamara as been year and half since last saw each other amd with a short drive to her house am greeted by Harry the boxer T is dog sitting for. It’s amazing to have a more permanent base for bit and ditch the hostels and hotels, as can totally chill as it feels like home.

The first Perth place we check out is Scarbourough, which is pretty cool with a load of new bars that have opened and a nice white sand beach where we get to see the sunset. The one thing I’ve noticed so far about Perth is the always totally blue clear skies and nice dry heat rather than super humid Asia! We grab some Mexican at the newest place in town called El Grotto which has a cool vibe and atmosphere, so will be coming here again. I do a quick check of the beach and gorgeous white sands which is something T tells me im going see a lot of. Its not too crowded but is windy and people are just chilling or even doing some tight rope practicing like I saw in Hong Kong!

After Scarbourgh we drive back in the jeep to pick up things ready for the xmas road trip.

23rd December 2015







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