A taste of Balinese Dance

After the cycling we feel the need to just have a relaxing afternoon in the hotel, which is gorgeous with it’s 2 pools and jungle backdrop. It also has a spa  so decide to have my first asian massage, as stupidly because they are so cheap, I haven’t really made the most of them since been away. Go for a 2 hour full body Balinese massage and facial which is only 240k (£12) and is super relaxing. The girls are all so friendly too and keen to chat to learn more english.

In time for the last happy hour we just make it to the village and go to  Legend Cafe just opposite where we need to be for dinner and squeeze in a mojito and a margarita.

For dinner we have reserved a table at Cafe Lotus as they have the Balinese dancing in the Saraswati Temple and you can watch for free if you sit 3 tables back. The temple looks lovely at night all lit up and the Balinese dancer outfits are amazingly colourful and cool. The dancing doesn’t seem to have much of a storyline and for most of the night is quite repititive, with only a few different things happening right at the end. Overall it acted just as background music not really getting too involved in it and both of more keen to people watch this unusal couple infront of us, a guy of about 65-70 with a much younger lady and her dad, doing far too much PDA we think to get permission to marry. The people watching also helps get over tge really bad food, despite it having good trip advisor reviews as need to send back both meals. Mine because it’s lukewarm and Holly because her Rendang is far too salty, so not the best start.

We manage to get out about 9pm as the dancing isn’t too long and walk about checking out the bars but everwhere very quiet. Unsure if it’s time of year or always quiet! The only place we come across is CP Lounge which is actually really trendy and big bar playing live music. Adding to the entertainment is a guy doing some good but crazy dance moves getting totally involved despite being only one up.

The bar starts to get quite busy and is the busiest place seen in Ubud so far! It has couple of pool tables too and an empty night club, which probably will fill up later. We stay for a couple if drinks and meet a nice guy from Iceland training to be a zoologist for birds, which is quite different and so getting chatying about the borneo birds i saw lol. As it starts to rain again and fact we have a 15-20min walk back, we decide to be sensible and head back.

19th December 2015




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