Exploring Ubud village – a cultural experience

Ubud is definitely a place of culture and things to see. Easy to walk around as quite small with it’s main high road that has several temples, musuems, market, boutique craft, jewellery and clothes shops mixed in with really cool coffee shops and restaurants.

First stop we head to is Ubud Palace, which is much smaller than expected with just one main shrine which has interesting stone carvings and statues. A lot of it is closed off maybe as it is still used as a royal residency.

We head over to the Art Markets just opposite the palace, which are much bigger than I expected with inside stalls and outside going all the way back 3-4 streets. Good for local made souvenirs and clothes. Downside to the markets is the constant hassling of the sellers, all selling the same stuff and all pretty rude when your not keen on buying and really get upset with you so it’s best not to catch their eye! Holly gets a traditional Bintang top as a present.

Walking along the high road we pass a cool street with lots of names and messages from 2003 written inthe concrete which is quite cute and pass some lovely deli’s and bakeries. We stock up for our trip later at one called Bread Life that has such different local things like a charcoaled sweet bread with banana cream in middle, mini pizza breads, hotdog bakes and cheese breads. Cheap too!

Not far along after breadlife we get to the Sarawati Temple which is more impressive than than the palace as bigger and has a lovely water feature with lilys as you enter. You can also book to see Balinese dancing here through the restaurant Cafe Lotus which we reserve.

We also check out as walking past the local museum, Puri Lukisan which is an art one and not really our thing so skip it as have to pay too and head back to hotel to be picked up for the temples further away.

18th December 2015








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