Lombok Waterfalls and Motorbike Riding

On time Ali the local guy I crazily booked the falls with arrives at 8am and head straight after the typical Indonesian banana pancakes and super sweet and chocolate coffee. We start off in the car just to bangsal port where my backpack is left in the office hopefully will be safe as we head out on the motorbike as it’s cheaper option and always think is pretty cool experience anyway but better with a friend like the night headed out with Joey in Kuta as can have a bit of a laugh. So the waterfalls are about an hour half away and quite a nice drive through forest, local villages and palm trees. Ali explains there is local elections on and why when we go through the towns there are so many people in large groups hanging around and on the way back later see all the kids in a local town celebrating at the early vote counts. From what I can make out the regions want to seperate from the main goverment as they believe they have more land assets for tourism than the central.

Before we go into Sending Gilet and Tui Kelep waterfalls we have a long coffee stop at a Rinca Trek Basecamp to try and decide if should go to Kuta, accomodation etc or head back to Bali to meet Rocky and Ali seems cool with the changes but as I learned that was the point to re talk money! Anyway with new plans in place for Bali, we head out on the bike again to the falls and its a short walk down steps on  an easy path to get to the falls so not bad at all. Even pass a few Mckau monkeys.

The falls are really cool and pleased to see this onr as it is the tallest of the falls in Lombok and reminds me a lot of Borneo as similar trees. The unique thing with this one is you can stand under it – that’s if you can handle it as very powerful and cold probably usually totally refreshing if it was sunny and not raining! I manage to go into it 3 times and Ali gets some cool pics with me getting as close as I can, which isn’t right under it as too forceful and hurts on your arm the power of it plus nearly even lost my contacts if you go right under it as. Fun experience and love all waterfalls. As its raining doesn’t seem much point going into dry clothes so have to trek wet, which is fine as warm and will dry on the bike.

After the hike up head back to the basecamp place and there is one other tourist there – young girl from Canada who is nice and think appreciates the company as rest of her group arrives for their 4am start. After my fav dish of Mea Goren traditional Indonesia dish (noodles, crackers and chicken) we head back to the port, which is a bit annoying as Ali had said would go to 2 falls but over the hassling so don’t make a thing of it and happy to get back although had I known he was still going to charge me for Kuta even not going there and we didn’t go via Monkey Forest. 

9th December 2015





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