A little bit of Sengiggi

So eventually getting to Sengiggi after the paying hassle It’s time to check out the place and first impressions are its super quiet and bit run down. My hostel ON THE WAY is pretty basic but cheap and a huge room with 12 bunk beds and at first I am the only one in there, which feels weird as so big but later on an American and Spanish guy are there which is tonnes better and doesn’t make me think of the film Hostel.

With not much about I look for the road to go to the Harbour and beach with not much luck and walk straight past it that is how well it’s signed and an obvious path haha. Not many people about, but Im going the same direction as a scandinavian looking dude so assume he is going beach so follow him until I realise he isnt so turn back but then pass a guy again I saw earlier down the street and notices I look a little lost so stops to chat and says that the place he is staying at does good food and is right on the beach which is what I’m after so check it out. The hotel called LANCHILL is really nice and totally up my street as a bit like paradise sunset bar with bean bags and chilled tunes looking at the beach. Sharing a room here is good value at only 160k each but a bit more than my budget but definately not expensive with really nice food and nice staff too! The guy is called Jack from southern Australia and travelling with his mate Jackie who is nice and when I arrive doing Henna on her hands so seems very chilled pair. I end up staying there all day and night as like the chilled Vibe and intetesting to chat to tge guys especially as had only a few days previously treked the rincan volcanoe which has been causing recent problems as erupting ash and they tented right next to it #Brave but cool. Jackie in the evening is going to a local meal with a girl at the hotel who she was doing henna for and so just hang out with Jack grabbing some bbq chicken and few bintang. Pretty shattered as hardly had slept previous night in Gili T and up early for the waterfall tour so not too late a night but a good intro to Sengiggi as on the way back to the hostel notice the rest of the strip is very quiet and most places empty, I think as most people head to Kuta for the surf.

8th December 2015





8th December 2015

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