Flybye visit to Lombok and lesson to not use the local port boys

After chatting to a few people everyone says should pass by Lombok as its so close and go see the waterfalls there – they have about 5! So unsure whether to do a tour booking from Gili as seems expensive or book in Lombok as assume it will be cheaper booking on the island rather than pay for a guide to go over with as best to stay there as rushed otherwise to get last boat back. So I just get a cheap Ferry Ticket for 15k which is amusing in itself, little wooden boat you have to get on via the water and it’s full of bird baskets so have to leave my backpack at the end while I squeeze in tge front. As a tactic for the boat not the ideal thing to do as just means its carried off the boat for and you have to pay 50k for the priviledge. Getting off the boat is pretty hectic and I should have pre arranged a shuttle for sure as get pulled in with the local lads as there are no taxis and pay way more than needed which sums up my Lombok experience and never should deal with the local guys even when they have a tour office. After the hassle of agreeing the prices, think I’m a gluten for punishment when I say I’ll use them for seeing the waterfalls and should have just knocked it on the head and gone with the local tour guide. All part of the backpacking learning experience and it could have been worse as I did actually get to see the waterfalls – just one not two and missed out on the Malibu sunset as spent the time arguing as he wanted me to pay the price including the car ride to Kuta 500k as said he had already paid the driver even though I decided not to go as were saying you can’t agree a price and break a promise while my argument was not to pay if not going there and that he knew I was changing my plan and didnt day price would have to be same. Kuta a bit too far as 2-3hour drive and found out Rocky is reaching Bali Thursday and up for getting a motor bikes and checking out places like Sanur and Ahmed Beach which is meant to be good for snorkelling and want to squeeze that in before meeting Holly. So up shot I paid about double than should have and had more stress than needed but a good lesson learned and ended up next day on the boat to Bali fine!

8th and 9th December 2015


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