Exploring Borneo Lodge day and night

Day walk with the two german friends Nadine and Christian and with our guide Henry who seems nice, we go near the lodge for a nature walk and need to get the treking gear on of leach socks and long trousers lol. The lodge is in the middle of so many walks and actually nearer the lodge you are likely to see more wildlife as near food otherwise the area is just so big when you go further out the animals hide more in the trees and when they are so tall makes it hard and you need a trained eye. So henry gets a call to say tjete has been an orangutan spotted near the staff quarter forest so we head in that direction to see. Aad we get there the orangutan us quite easy to see as close to the edge and can see its a large male who they call Alba. There are 2 main males and they dont get on so this has moved onto this side of forest to be on own. Its hard to get a pic as tree in way and it is building a nest but can see it hanging upside down in the typical Orangutan pose lol. We stay there until it finishes the nest and can’t see it and then head back to the lodge for the night safari and dinner.

The night safari isn’t great as we are on a jeep which is noisey and clunky. Plus relies on animals being near the path. We see a malaysian civet which is cool and like a leopard but hard to spot. We also see a flying fox but its just hanging not flying.

25th November 2015



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