Lunch with the red leaf monkeys

So hadn’t realised that the borneo lodge included all the food so a nice surprise when I sit at the restaurant which has amazing views of the forest and they offer me the set lunch which is 4 courses and the main is 3 different currys so much more than Im used to eating but sure can make the most of it! Even nicer surprise is when a family of red leaf monkeys sit in the tree just infront of me and start being very entertaining. Tney are definately very playful and are jumping from tree to tree then a few must catch their reflection and start running up and down to the window trying to touch and play with it. They look quite confused and very cute. This goes on for about an hour and they seem to be having lots of fun jumping around and they are good jumpers plus fast. The sort of monkey you want to take home!

25th November 2015


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