Few Days on the Kinabatungan River – Abai Lodge First Stop

To get to the first place Abai lodge we have to get a speed boat across which in total takes 1.5hours. The first bit we cross is the sea and is huge and very wide. This goes on for about 45mins before we get to the mouth of the river and it narrows a lot but is still wide and so long with mile of mile of jungle which is pretty cool. Arriving at Abai lodge its very cool right on the river and right on the edge of the jungle so feels very remote. In fact myself and the Swedish couple linda and victor are only guests there. Its got a long boardwalk area surrounding the lodge which is full of wildlife as goes far back into the jungle and away from the lodges so great for a night walk later on. There are plenty of monkeys long tail macau mainly but also some grey hair leaf monkeys and as I sit waiting for our boat ride after we have checked in eating banans fritters the monkeys are just sitting behind me on the beams watching as are known for stealing food lol. There is a lot of history to the plaxe and Shirou telling us about attenburg staying at Abai to make documentaries and how his dad knows him from when he filmed his borneo documentary. There is also a story about in the 1930s an american couple first came to make documentaries called olsen and they made borneo and the orangutan well known but left when the war started and died in plane crash so never returned but they first created Abai.

24th November 2015


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