Abai Lodge Boat Cruise

So about 4.30pm the 3 of us and only residents at Abai head out in the little boat to see what we can find. Shirou saw lots of orangutan nests so heads there first. After a bit of hunting about (as they are not the easiest to find as always solo) we spot one really high in a tree hanging by one arm the typical tan pose. So after a few pics we head off and find a big group of probiscous monkeys which are the funniest and ugliest monkeys seen, but they are super cool and love watching them. Great jumpers. The male is the best to watch with the biggest nose and aggresive faces it pulls plus other things sticking out haha which are quite at eye point but that is it’s thing to get the ladies!

The other type of monkey we see are the long tail macau and they like to be in groups and like to sleep sitting on the edge of the tree as they are good swimmers so if a leopard climbs up they can jyst fall straight into the water. They are also jumpers and jump between trees looking very cute and naughty with a few baby ones there too.

We cruise about a bit but dont see anything so stop for a coffee break and chat through what we seen and where next. Shirou gets distracted when hears a laughing call which he said was a kingfisher so thats our next search as he is keen to learn more as part of training and his certificate.

As it starts getting dark we head back to Abai but on the way see a salt river crocodile hidind under the water and only visable from the light shining off the eyes. Also see a pair of elephants bathing and playing as it starts to get dark. Smaller than other elephants it is still big and a cool end to the night safari. They get out the bankside and struggle a bit as so heavy but make it through and Shirou tells us that the ear flapping they are doing as they get out is there way of communicating whats going on and where to next. It is too dark now to take pictures now as the flash would startle and stress them out.

The last stop is along the river to see fireflies which are super cool and apparently are beetles not flys. Shirou gives us a lot of info on these and we stay here for a bit watching them and seeing what happens when you shine the light on them as they seem to go out and we wonder if its to do with the eye seeing the glow of them or if they do go out haha.

23rd November 2015


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