Last Day at Sepilok Reabilitation Orangutan Center

So after bit of a unsettled sleep of weird dreams and tripping out in the lodge due to I think the malaria tablets, being very tired and being in such a huge bungalow on my own with no neighbours, I actually wake up feeling ok and manage to get to breakfast for 8am to wait for my pick up at 9. Breakfast is good with hash browns and beans (not Heinz thats for sure lol) fruit, danish, toast and coffee. Once I get picked up we go to Sepilok center for my last time and I skip the video but the swedish couple Linda and Victor, who are staying same places as me on tour get involved. The weather is sunny and super hot but it doesnt seem to bring more orangutans than the previous day really – just different ones so not the young but a family again so Im pleased I came two different mornings and does go to show they are wild and you wont always get to see lots on a visit as totally depends on them. I think the family is same as yesterday but can’t be sure and this time Im trying to take pics on the ipad which isn’t very good compared to the camera’s zoom which is like having a pair of binoculars! The nursery this time also is much quieter than previous day with just 3-4 but they are still really cute climbing about and hanging upside down from the rope with their feet lol. We need to leave to check out the sunbears as on a schedule so have to leave the younger ones who are going off into the forest anyway away from the center anyway to play.

The sunbears are out in numbers when we get there with 4 in total. One is being lazy sleeping occasionally waking up and sitting inbetween its funny claw feet. The others are playing togethere and look younger. There are no monkeys about this time which is a shame as would have liked to see more of the pig tail mackau.

23rd November 2015


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