Abai Boardwalk Night Walk

So later myself, Viktor and Linda do a night walk with Shirou which is good fun as it is so pitch black and my little LED light does nothing apart from light up my feet compared to his super strong torch. So after 2mins walking we come across a spider sitting on the arm of a bench – smaller version of a huntsman but it still creeps me out and think reminds us 3 that it isnt just nice monkeys around and to be careful what we touch! Shirou is quite a character and despite telling us to wear shoes he is in flip flops and keeps scaring himself thinking something is on his foot. On the look out for snakes, we arent so lucky and just see a brown owl which was cool high up the tree scoping out its next meal, a flying fox bat and more spiders but not sure what some red looking thing. Shirou is very knowledgeable about nature and tells us to watch out for the bat poo as it has amonia in it which cam smell amd make your hair fall out. There is also a resident pig in Abai called junior who is ugly but super cute with soppy eyes and just wants to snort at you lol to say hello and of course for food. It is quite fat and as Borneo is muslim they dont eat pork, Junior is well protected and lives a nice life. There are geckos everwhere too harmless.  Its nice after the night walk to have a beer sitting outside looking at the river with Linda and Victor but all quite tired as up so early and do so much in a day!

23rd November 2015


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