Abai Lodge 7am Rise and Shine Tour

Rise and shine at 7am for our river tour where we jump back in the boat and head to where the elephants were last night and can see the footprints of them getting out of the bank into the forest but sadly no elephants as would have been good to get them in daylight. So move down river a bit and pass the tree with the mackau monkeys from previous night and its do early they havent moved yet. So then we leave the main river and turn off and head to the ux lake called Pittas, which is where a lake forms due to the river current/flow changing direction and it no longer being a main route so green weeds and plants grow instead taking all the oxygen too for animals so it is more like a swamp. Shirou is going back to school with us and is enjoying telling us how it changes the bio diversity of the area and is giving us questions like difference between a pond and a lake, which is simply that it is man made but my answer was no source of fresh water lol. So the ride in the boat to the lake is very cool having to go under mangrove trees so it feels very dark and eerie and we are very close to the edge. Not eerie enough to see any snakes or crocs there though lol. As we head back onto making main river we do some bird spotting and Shirou is amazing at seeing what they are and spotting in first place. See a few kingfisher, storm beak, hornbill and a white crested eagle which is so big and great to see, which Shirou needs to help with. Get some good pics too although need to work on the steadiness of my hand lol.

24th November 2015


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