River People Village Visit and Tree Planting

So before we leave abai we go to the village opposite for lunch and to plant our trees. Numbe 4101-3! This is a conservation plan to help preserve the area for both animals and tourists as the types of plants they choose csn be fruiting to bring animals closer to the tiver edge for the boat tour spotting or ones that encourage birds and spreading of good vitamins on the soil as the edges of the river keep getting washed away meaning the village gets smaller. So the locals prepare the food which is nice enough and its good chance to talk to our guide more Shirou who has lots of interesting stuff to talk about and is telling us how the guide certificates work nature vs city guides and how his dream is to go to Dannum Valley where im staying and once he passes his exam can do. So he tells us we walk about the village which has about 200 people and is cute but very basic and all houses are planting trees. Cant imagine they get much money here so them doing the lunch is a good thing as get paid. The main lady shows us purses and other gifts they make from recycling plastic bags and they look so good and am really impressed. So buy one for me and couple of presents too as know it all helps them. So we jump on the little boat back across and there is 30mins until we need to leave so use the time to walk around Abai boardwalk and spot a group of grey leaf monkeys playing and jumping between the trees. Hard tp get a photo but nice to see them.

24th November 2015



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