The sunbear center is not as well known and is quite new vs the orangutan rehabilitation. I only just have the cash as didnt bring out a purse as not allowed bags in the orangutan part. Its much smaller and they are in the process of building new viewing platforms and ariel walk way as they have 10 sections in total with only 2 on view to the public. So straight away there are 2 sunbears one trying to cool off by panting and other one climbing the tree super quick and right to the top. Impressive to see and very cute. Got a set of awesome claws too, which will help them. Most of these bears have been rescued from small cages as kept as pets or on the blackmarket as its believed they help with powers for some reason poor little guys and many take years to be confident to go out into the outdoor sections so stay inside the sunbear house instead which is made natural and gives them forage and trees to climb too.

23rd November 2015


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