Orangutans – Sepilok Reabilitation Center

With only being 5mins walk its so handy to go back at just the times needed, starting with the video at 9am by Chris Rodgers which is inspiring to hear the story of a recenty helped and a released orangutan. So then head to the feeding platform and annoying its raining but the poncho is working a treat and camera not getting too wet either. So there is an early arrival with a young one who comes before the food and is up in the tree eating and waiting. Once the food arrives he braves the rain but makes a hat out of leaves for himself and starts munching away. Totally so cute and has it all to himself for awhile and climbs back up the tre with what he grabbed, before is joined by another young looking one who doesnt hang around long near the food and goes way up high in a tree hiding. After the rain gets lighter it comes down the tree right next to me and stands on the beam and walks along the boardwalk and it must be young as quite furless so looked naked! So good tempered and so humun like especially when it walks although it looks like a drunk old man lol as sways.

In the afternoon take a visit to the nursery which is where they first take them to be rehabilitated and can stay there 5-6 years. Its jyst a big playground for them with ropes between the feeding stations that teach them to climb and swing and big car tyres for them to plsy with. Outside the playground is lots of easy access to the forest and more ropes to emvourage them to explore on their own. There are about 6 of them eating, climbing and playing which is a good number as they are still wild and can do what they want.

So for the final feeding for the day at 3pm it is a family rather than the younger ones like in the morning. They are big orangutans here too and they go through the fruit sharing with each other and the dad always looking out for the baby and can see the love in their eyes they both have for the baby who is tucked in the arm which is special to see. The baby most of time is clinging on but has a little climb onto the mums back and head. It is very hot and so they chill in their shade and people do say they are the laziest of the apes as they have no routine apart from.building nests which they can do 6 times in a day.

22nd November 2015












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