Farewell Cambodia and Asia

So its a day for farewells with us all firstly having to leave Koh Rong which is always going to be hard but do manage to get a full morning of swimming and hanging around the beach especially as everthing on the island runs on cambodian time – whenever they want so the boat is an hour late. Weather wise it seems a good time to leave as storm comes across half way back and so arriving back in sihnoukville its dark skies and all a bit gloomy looking. So the boys head to a bar to wait for their bus to siem reap as its also farewell to them as they are going Thailand then both home, George to london and Scott to auckland. Only known George 3weeks but def been a great travelling buddy and had some proper laughs and some good dance offs! So I check into One Stop again as really liked it last night and drop off stuff, then head to meet the boys leaving in the middle of a total monsoon downpour so even need to grab a  brolly. Luckily the rain passes and manage to see one last sun set as we just chill in the bar and the boys book all the full moon stuff until they need to head off. So I wander back to the hostel to get changed for my final night in Cambodia catching Glen along the way who is handing out leaflets for black and white so will make sure I have a drink with him later. The dorm guys all seem cool and friendly so chat away with them for a bit before they go out and say to meet them later on. I take my time as need to book Singapore hostel plus nothing is lively til 11ish so dont want to drink too much early on as up so early for bus. Another guy in the hostel asks if im heading out and head out togethere going big easy bar first bumping into Tom and Lawrence from the dorm who are with quite a big group. One of them from Nottingham recognises me from mui ne and remembers George so thats cool. And he has to be one of the tallest guys seen here too 6-3 apparently lol. So end up spending most of the night with them although its not a big place so easy to find people if needed. We stay in dolphin bar for a good while, again lots of dancing and also warrior face painting going on. Moving on to next bar with Tom and Lawrence I manage to catch Glen and his french mate who help out with a free drink or 2, although trying to not go to party mad with the early bus in mind at 8am so really shouldn’t however famous last words as its already 1am and my will power isnt great when music is playing.

19th November 2015




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