Koh Rong at night chill, drinks and dancing

After all of  us crashing for couple hours we get changed, I attempt the showers which are the only bad thing about the hostel as bit manky and then all head out to a bar about 4 bars down so not far lol which is really cool just stepping out onto the beach into the bars. I manage to get 2 for 1 on the mojitos which I need to wake me up a bit. Sit with Rory and Julian they have sensible idea to buy the local $2 Whisky with sprite – which actually isnt a bad combo and everyone just sits outside on the beach chatting and far to easily going through the whiskey before we head down to smiley bar one of the more lively ones and bar worker is a mad mexican looking guy who by end of night is dancing on the bar and keeps coming round getting us to drink some vodka shot from the bottle. We end up seeing Felipe and Silvado too in the bar from Phnom Penh. Some dance tunes come on as per George and I are strutting the moves while Scottie and Rory are up at the bar. Julian gave the drinking a miss as prev night had food poisining. Pretty much stay there all night until everything shuts at 2am and just sit on beach again chatting to randoms, one annoying american girl in particular kept on talking about herself and was in fits laughing ay George try to mimick her for about 20mins and the poor girl didnt even realise! Eventually head back despite me getting lost about 5 times convinced the hostel was after the jetty not realising there were 3. It all looks the same once the lights go out as the beach is pretty dark. Night 2 is pretty similar apart from fact we start a lot earlier and have nice bbq from our hostel plus remember to use our free drink vouchers. End up in smiley as I think thats the place to be but as the island has such high turn over the crowd is different and everyone wants to be on the beach as its too hot inside. We do look for another party but fail so just call it a night. Whilst there are plenty of places to go I wouldnt describe It as a big party town and mainly a place to chill out I would say enjoying a few drinks and music.

17th and 18th November





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