Koh Rong – a slice of paradise

Not too bad of an early start and feel semi rested after staying up late at our One Stop hostel vs Scott who is very space cadet this morning and me and George literally having to keep him togethere as actually looks like is sleep walking. We head to the ferry via some food and juice shake and have to wait about an hour as its delayed so the previous mad dash George and Scott had to find an ATM as non on island was bit pointless lol. We bump into Yoshi from Phonm Penh who is enquiring about tickets for the next day. Start chatting some english guys who gave me a jd and coke as they ordered wrong thing so nice morning kick off! Only 45mins on the speed ferry, as we pull in it really looks like a paradise island with mostly tropical forest and then cute beach with a row of bars and guest houses immediatly giving it a hippie village type feel and even all the workers at our hostel island boys say they came for few days and never left. The hostel is really authentic and suits perfectly although definately basic with the showers in the bar toilets, no locks on door and no proper roof as its all open beams so have mosquito nets to sleep in. The island boy workers are super friendly and get us what we need for the next 2 days so we can then hit the beach and Scott wants to do some snorkelling. On the walk along we grab some lunch sitting outside looking at the gorgeous white sand which totally feels like flour on your feet and the sea looks so blue in contrast. We also bump into Rory and Julian who we met in Mui Ne and the chilian couple I met in Nha Trang which is one of the coolest things about travelling in asia when u see same people. There are a lot of stray dogs on Koh Rong all super friendly and rabies free and we spot a really young puppy litter where their eyes  not even open. All along the end of beach there are wooden bungalows which i think would be cool to stay in if ever came back which would like to do. As Scott snorkels, me and George swim and the water is so warm and lush so dont come out for awhile. Loving having a proper beach day! Once the sun starts setting the boys grab some paella at the tapas bar totally just chilling and people watching. Bongs next door is having a party maybe some guys who worked there coming back – as my guess but its all pretty lively and really friendly.

So the 2nd day is another beach day, slightly have a lie in as we can but room so hot as only a fan in it! Loved waking up to sound of waves. The boys bought a frisbee, hot a few games on which was fun and by end of the day Im just like a professional haha. With the few days in the sun starting to get nice colour and happy just spending most my time floating about in sea, as cant get enough as too hot just to sit on beach.

17th and 18th November 2015






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