Sihnoukville Beach Drinking and Fire Throwers

Plenty of choice on food places to go and opt for some massive grilled prawns on the beach which is cool listening to the waves coming in and watching all the chinese lanterns fly in the sky which the locals are trying to constantly harrase and sell us, with a couple of non starters and the fire in it burning out too quick. Along the beach all the bars are still quiet as think 11-12pm is the time to hit them and when you get free drinks. So spend about an hour scoping out other places heading to utopia which is up the hill and off the beach, but thats also a late night bar. Also stroll down pub street which is totally different to pub street in siem reap as think its the red light district and full of older men and young girls so dont want to hang around. Back to the beach via a supermarket where scott buys snake bite drink with cobra and scorpian in it and it literally tastes so bad like dead animals and petrol! So head to JJ’s to get our free drink and its quite busy but more cambodian at the mo so it needs more time to get busy and for music to be ok as bit cheesy to start. They start the fire throwers and all are awesome being super speedy and doing a few tricks standing on each other shoulders and back flips while holding the fire. Quite mesmerizing and entertaining while enjoying the drinks on the beach. After there we hit a few other places like black and white, dolphins and star palace where I bump into Glen who I met in Siem Reap and is working there and gives me a free drink which is always apprecriated and its cool to catch up with him again. George and I as usual going mad on the dancefloor especially when the jungle kicks in vs scott who isnt a dancing fan too and probably just thinks both are bit crazy haha. We manage to stay until all the bars are shut and there isnt much option, with George stopping into the casino on the way back and me to jump into the pool or shower as covered in sand from partying on the beach. On our way home we have to watch out for the Cambodian kids who use their cuteness to jump on you then lot more surround you and try and get to your bag or pockets. A bit like a scene from Oliver Twist as the kids are cute but craft. Luckily we all were switched on and so no harm done but can so easily be different as they target drunk people. All in all a good night tho.

16th November 2015













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