More Monkey Madness

So taking advantage of not having to check out and catching up on sleep the day is mainly spent sorting out admin like booking Koh Rong and blog, its pretty chilled just having few beers in an aussie bar. Evening however is a little different and ends up being another heavy session after the mad monkey pub crawl with about 30out tonight. Much better places than previous night end up in a bar full of balloons with a nice outside area full of bean bags called Top Banana so in the group tonight is George, Yoshi, Scottie and corrie who is a pretty funny ozzie and def likes to liven up the party. Stay there for couple hours then we have to jump on tucs tucs to some large cambodian style edm club called Pontoon which im sure was just full of high class hookers as they seem to be trying to drag the men to the side VIP tables lol. Still good fun as a good group all doing crazy dancing amongst the lasers but music is quite euro techno so gets bit repetitive so we head back for food in a funny shop next to the hostel where u can buy burritos to burgers to noodles. Im rembered in there by the young boy working there from the previous night where i accidentally walked into a bedroom at the back of shop which had a man asleep rather than the toilet and I scared him half to death i think. So quite a nice end to the night chatting on the makeshift restaurant and the young boy working there loves talking english with us and is telling us about his scholarship to Melbourne uni to study medicine so amazing to see him getting an opportunity as Cambodia is so poor and most only have the prospect of working in a shop or tuc tuc driver.

15th November 2015




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