Mad Monkey Pub Crawl

So staying at Mad Monkey hostel for 2 nights as George here and its meant to be good fun. So the dorm is cool and friendly so doing ok so far with the hostel. Make friends with Scottie from Auckland but was living in Perth, Yoshi from Japan who reminds me of the yoshi toy in my bag ive been carrying but failed to take any pics with yet lol and Felipe from Chile so have some bar buddies as well as George so nice to have bit of a group. All good fun with some beer pong to start night out and i get better as I go getting 2 in on the last game. The bar is getting pretty busy now with shot and drinking competition – england at the top lol. A few are dancing on the bar including George haha. So then the pub crawl kicks off which is just ine bar but a good one – well until they put barbie girl on. Stay there until about 3 with George and Scott before heading home via  burito place which havent had for good month since been away so novelty. Accidentally walk into a mans bedroom instead of the toilet which is bit awkward too lol. All part of the night and i also manage not to get lost on way home!

14th November 2015





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