Sihnoukville Beach Day

So after another much later than planned night til 5, we have to get up at 6.30am for our bus to Sihnoukville. Going with George and Scott the bus ride for 4 hours isnt the best. Sitting squeezed in at the front with Scott falling asleep on me most of time as out for the count plus me trying not to look at the road ahead and watch how the driver is constantly overtaking so cars in the opposite direction are flying at me. Arrive there about 12.30pm at our hostel One Stop. Think would say its the nicest hostel dorm have stayed as nice tranquil pool and lovely showers which I  definately spent too much time in lol. Even free hairdryer so pushed the boat out and straightened my hair just because Ive not had hair up for weeks haha. Spent most of the day chilling by the serendipity beach constantly being hassled for massages which i eventually gave in and got a pedicure lasting ages nearly an hour spent doing foot massage and polish for $7. Also got roped into threading of my arm pits which is a first and more painful than eyebrows so wont be doing that often but its great for backpacking! The beach is nice and quite busy with every bar having outside tables. Loving the sea as so warm although not that clear but still nice to swim in the sea as first time since being away. We stay there for the sunset just chilling in a bar on the beach. At one point we have to duck inside as we get a little storm which was an odd one as the sun was totally shining and sunbathing but raining at the same time. Luckily it doesnt last too long and can head back to get ready for a big night out in town!

16th November 2015


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