A non backpacker night in Saigon

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After 3 weeks of beer drinking, a suggestion of rooftop bars by a couple of people and the craziness of Saigon, I gave in and ventured away from backpacker road! So after getting my 2 free beers from hideout and watching giant jenga, I follow my friend Jo Meade directions to head to the hot air balloon building and unlike the other sky garden isnt 300k dong to get in and easy enough. First impressions are high as go straight out to the terrace and its so warm so nice to take in the views of Saigon at night. A wine sets me back 200k but I do make it last – the backpacker in me still lol. I get a JD and coke as last drink which is cheaper at 180k dong. Its funny how in london that would be cheap as only about £5 so its funny what your concept of cheap and expensive is and how much prepared to pay as in london a bar like that would be quadruple!! The music keeps pumping the edm tunes  – some a little Vietnamesed up and a girl dj comes up who is pretty good and makes me think im more in Ibiza than Saigon lol.

6th November 2015

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