Chu Chu Tunnels

Early start leaving at 8 so not best day to choose staying in my first dorm lol as evetyone asleep when need to leave. The bus is very hot and sticky with no ac so think I definately prefer travelling by motorbike! We stop off at a arts and craft place where the locals are making by hand all the pieces to sell which are very pretty. Its interesting to see all the different parts they do and how much work goes into each piece. They all seem very proud and happy to show it off for the picture’s. It really reminds me of karin kidd – aka sister – who is a craft person would like making these herself. Its nice to see how they are made. If I wasnt going on travellering for 8 months there are  some good xmas ideas could have taken back!

So arrive at the tunnels and its so hot and the thought of crawling through a tunnel isnt apoealing but im game! Learning all about the stratagies they used was so interesting and can see how much of an advantage they had. The various traps they had were lethal from the large tiger trap which could kill 5 americans to more twisted ones like window trap, seesaw, swinging up and fish all involving spikes and leading to a pretty grim death! They were also volunteers due to loosing families in the bombs so very keen to do what they can.

We see a bit on the ammo and they used to take the tnt from the bombs afterwords which was pretty crazy and the they also had some serious gun power with ak47, m60 and m30’s. Some of the group do the shooting as you can buy 10bullets for 30/40k but im not so sure and would rather have an actual lesson before shooting a gun haha!

We also see some of the techniques they use to deter dogs when sniffing them out by using spices, the cool sandals they wore to give fake track marks and the smoke mounds when they cook which are not near where they are actually cooking. The food was nainly rice and root which they seasoned with sugar, salt, ground peanuts and is really nice and makes huge difference in taste. The root reminds me of one of the badly cooked jacket potatoes used to get back in london haha.

So we then all do the tunnells which is last part before we finish. The guide asks us how far we want to go with a few saying 100m who are actually the taller guys and who end up going out the first check out point as im behind them. Luckily i dont feel its too claustrophobic and i seem to be a perfect fit actually and can avoid squatting all the way as makes the thighs ache…. so i keep going and its mainly the heat and darkness i dont like but before i know it im out and done the 100m. It must have been hard for them to do all time. Great to experience it and get appreciation as to what they did as tend to always see it more from the American side.




















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