Hello Ho Chi Min (aka Saigon) 

So after a nice chilled few drinks at the hostels sky roof area in prep for my sleeper bus to Ho Chi Min, I’m actually quite impressed with it and my little area for the night. I just fit. Didn’t realize though that as soon as it leaves everyone sleeps so all my plans to catch up with people back home go out the window as it’s not like the train lol! I manage to sleep pretty much all the way but bus arrives early and I’m woken up to say need to get off. Making sure I have everything and nearly leaving my purse behind which would have been a nightmare, I jump off 2 hours earlier at 4am… Half asleep and avoiding all the motorbike taxi scammers jumping on my I actually have no idea where the hostel is apart from a few mins walk from it. Luckily a guy – James from Brentwood – overhears me asking and is going same hostel so we dump our bags but it’s shut along with everything else so we sit in the park opposite waiting for the chill bar to open where James wants to sleep as didn’t any. I have a beer I didn’t drink on the bus so we just sit and are entertained by tonnes of people doing their exercise walking up and down, an aerobics class starting and even badminton! Never expected it to be that active and there are some serious gymers too on the free gym climbing things in the Saigon park

6th November 2015





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