Nha Trang to DaLat motorbiking through the clouds

Journey going well so far and been enjoying the views already and that is before we even get to the most scenic part! I can see the mountains we will be going up ahead and can see all the low clouds by them.  So as we start going up the winding roads we start passing lots of mini waterfalls on the rocks to the side which is quite cool and am just busy happy snapping hoping I catch some good pictures as we fly past on the bike as just really beautiful. We do a few stop offs to see some of the larger waterfalls coming down which just seem so powerful and the noise they make its so loud, even for small ones! We also stop off at a point where Cuc shows me the road we have already taken and the river that all the falls are flowing into. So after we stop to get some waterproof gear on as from now it will be misty and cold, we start heading up to the top which is amazing and actually are so high we are in the clouds and Im pleased im not driving as you cant really see much ahead of the winding roads. Not much coming the other way as only people on the road apart from another easy rider bike. We stop at a point in the clouds as the biggest waterfall seenimage yet which im immpressed with and it has a very errie feeling. Leaving there we travel for about another hour through the clouds and passing the trees yiu can see all the mist and cloud rising from them. Eventually we start going down and can feel it getting warmer and less wet, still passing lots of mini waterfalls as we do. Very breathtaking!

2nd November 2015

imageimageimageimageimageimage imageimageimageimage

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