Nha Trang to Dalat more local life

So after the amazing drive through the mountains, over the other side can start to notice the landscape change and the forests look more evergreen than tropical. The land becomes very claylike and Cuc was saying a lot of the town on this side of mountain are new. We stop for typical Vietnamese lunch and there is the other easy rider from the waterfall who is doing 6 days on the bike. The place is very local and  I think it’s a friend of Cuc has he has been doing  these route for it 10years. There is a cute dog begging which want to go up to but don’t as don’t want to waste my rabies jab lol. Nipping into the loo it’s actually just  a hole in ground lol which I opt to miss out on and can wait another hour or so of being on the bike.    
 2nd stop is a cute little place where wooden statues are made and sold for hotels and restaurants mainly who love to have a happy buddah about 🙂 
Then we pass a cute hatch roofed place which Cuc gives me a quick look around but not much to it it’s just nice to stretch legs after being on bike so long followed by a quick stop off at a coffee plantation which goes on for miles, which explains why so much coffee is about in Vietnam. It’s interesting to see where the beans come from and how they are processed, which apparently is 3 stages and ends with the butter bean to give it a chocolate taste. I’m amazed as we drive how many plantations there as we drive past. 

 This coffee plants soon stops and instead all you can see as we get closer to dalat is allotments where they harvest their local  flower which is used as soup and other cooking. It’s pretty in purple and yellow. The allotments start becoming mixed in with the colorful houses which are quite different to others I’ve seen and less village like as there have many quite poor and basic villages and houses. A nice experience to drive through passing kids on there way home from school or people just doing there day to day jobs carrying huge bails of food about at the back of their scooter – very Vietnamese! 

3rd November 2015


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