Easyrider Nha Trang to DaLat local way of life

So after being slightly constrained to the Hostel for the previous day with the unpredictable moonsoon downpours and only making it out for a curry which was just like home with James, Tom and Darren, heading out on a bike and leaving to the next place was something definately looking forward to! First time using the company Mr Cuc Easy Rider so bit unsure as to what expect and whether should do or get the bus to DaLat instead as £2 vs £40 but was convinced by the lovely girl at the hostel.
So heading of with Cuc my driver for the day his english is ok and he is nice enough with character coming out with cheesy American lines every so often. Getting out of Nha Trang is busy and im looking forwards to the quiter roads as hate everyone just coming at you when your on the back. The first stop is a local place where they make rugs by dying the bamboo like material multi colours and weaving togethere. I have a turn and am super slow vs them so good job im not making them to sell.

 2nd stop is a quick look a the river which runs right to Da Lat which is higher than usual due to all the rain but is quite scenic. We then drive for bit with a stop at a roadside place for coffee which is nice as their coffee is sweet and tastes of chocolate whuch is due to them adding butter bean when they make it. Cuc likes to make sure i get plenty of photos and takes one of the exit gate which looks very chinese
3rd November 2015

 The next stop about an hour later is a village we have to drive through which is very local with lots of pigs , dogs, cows and chickens running in the road. We stop to have a tea with a family, which we brought some chuppa lollipops for letting me visit and the kids like. Cuc wanted me to hand them out but all very confusing who I needed to give them too as the whole family was looking like wanted them. All very basic with only a tv as a modern thing, there are no sofas or chairs really in the lounge which has colored curtains up and they just sit on floor, the kitchen is a fire on the floor, few sharp knifes on the wall which reminds me of games of thrones episode and the bathroom is a plastic sheet covering a small section of the ground outside. All there animals are just wandering around and there is a cute little puppy and lots of piglets with a bigger babe poking his nose in to say hi! The family are all very friendly and cuc explains that they even speak a different  language to Vietnamese. We say our goodbyes and they look super happy to have had a visit!

The final stop before we get to mountains are as we pass all the rice fields and a group of Vietnamese guys are diving about trying to catch the field rats which they catch to protect the rice fields and eat as are not dirty rats from the city. They were very welcoming showing me all the rats they had collected in a bag and Cuc was saying they will celebrate after with beers and a feast!

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