Beach, Streetfood and Nha Trang Drinking

Quickly realising that there isn’t really much to do in the town apart from the beach and nightlife, I meet up with the Hanoi boys and James from London who is staying in the hostel and in the same room as Darren and Tom where we head to the beach for a few drinks grabbing what little sun there is. Then having to head back for the hostels street food tour we spend the next 2 hours walking through the more authentic parts of Nah Trang via the markets stopping off at 8 different places to try all the real Vietamese food and sitting at the smallest table and chairs! Quite funny to see the lads all squeezing onto those! So avoiding any seafood most of the dishes are lovely but the 7th is pretty grim and is quail eggs and fermented duck egg which looks pretty rotten and you can actually see the shape of the duck and start of it growing feathers! So James is the only brave one to try the duck but it didn’t seem to go down too well. The quail egg went down better but I wasn’t game enough to try it! So now all massively full we go back and change to head out stopping to buy a bottle of vodka to get the night started and drink on the roof bar. Then when that runs out head to the next door wave bar for drinking game having to down our drink on an ace so meant we ended up going through quite a few cocktail buckets. Luckily they were buy one get one free which was even better! So leaving there quite hammered, head to the Why not bar for jaeger shots and more drinking staying about an hairy until we leave with another group on a hunt for club, loosing Tom in the process who heads back as so drunk and us wading knee deep through the street rivers  after another downpour. After not being able to find the club we end up in a weird little bar drinking til about 2 before braving the even deeper street river by now up to our thighs… Fun and games!! 


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