Doing the animal thing at San Diego zoo

The USA hostel is good in that it provides a free shuttle to San Diego zoo, which is in Balbora park. Leaving nice and early at 10am it means get there with plenty of time to check it out. Going there with Sebastian from London who was on the Tijuana tour, it’s nice to have a zoo buddy and someone to chat to while walking about. The zoo was $47 (£35) to get in so not too bad as it is a full on day although they don’t put on a shows which is a shame. 
The ticket includes the cable car over the park a great way of seeing the size of the park and cool going over the top of the big monkey enclosures and you can see a new section being built called Africa. 

We take the hippo trail first passing the polar bears, that are down due to maintenance so disappointing. The hippos are great though just so enormous and pressed up against the glass, as are most animals it seems drawn to the glass sadly, but great too really see them close up their funny noses, small eyes and huge bodies. 

The other cool thing we pass is a tank with river crocs that have long skinny mouth full of huge teeth and a Chinese snake turtle that seems to rule the roost pushing everything else out of its way and as it swims his neck retracts in and out very weirdly. Fascinating to watch. 

This area has all the monkeys so check out the tree top walk with various monkeys that all have different facial expressions some sad, curious, cute and angry. At the end of it is the gorillas always very cool and just so huge. We miss out the pandas that are around here and a main feature of the zoo simply be jade the line is so long like an hours wait, so they should have been what we saw first so know for another time. 

After lunch, my badly made cheese and tomato sandwich, we head to the insects and snakes all very cool then the elephants and giraffes both you can just watch for hours. The giraffe spending his time lucking the metal pole and he seems to have the longest tongue and the bull elephant seems to have the longest third leg haha. 

Overall the zoo is nice although convinced some of the enclosures are way too small and the animals are sad. We manage to fit in the cable car another time before stopping at the famous pink flamingoes, which is actually one thing I remember from the zoo when I was about 7 oddly. Once we leave we are pretty lucky to get a bus straight away from one just outside the park on the main road, so get back to the hostel with lots of time to chill out before heading out to the Saturday night club crawl. 

25th June 2016

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