Coyote Ugly night out with the Hostel Cats

By the time Thurston and I return from the canyon, especially after being stuck on the freeway for 30minutes due to the really bad accident, it is 10.30pm and so missing out on the Hostel Cat social events. Tonight it is meant to the limo ride to the Luxur club and frustratingly it gets cancelled as there isn’t enough interest, however by the time we get there and start talking to people we manage to find at least 6 of us who are keen. Not able to convince the hostel to put it on, we have a few drinks instead out by the picnic table and decide to head out somewhere on the strip.

Not really knowing the best place to go without paying a lot since it is Saturday night, I suggest the Coyete Ugly bar as it was fun last time I went, with a dance floor, decent enough music and cheap to get in. So Thurston, Harry, Tom, Samantha and Chris a American dude all jump in an uber and head to New York New York hostel to check it out. However maybe because it is EDC weekend, it is actually quite empty which is a shame however we still have a fun night making the most of it. Not realizing either it finishes at 2am, when it shuts we head out to try and find another bar.

Recommended by the bouncers to go to Delano Lounge Bar and then remembering myself that it is a super cool bar with amazing views of the strip, as went there last time was in Vegas we head there to check it out. Probably should have jumped in a cab, as the walk there is much further than expected as you always forget that with vegas and the hotels. A cool walk there however, but by the time we reach the bar they are no longer letting people in, so a shame. Instead we head to Mandalay bar casino and have a few goes on the roulette tables, making the most of the free drinks as we play as otherwise there isn’t much else going on here. We stay there for about an hour or so, none of us not very lucky since this is a table that keeps throwing out zeros and catching us all out.

Overall not a very successful night in terms of clubs and going out, however still a really night as a super cool group and lots of banter going through the casinos, which makes it all quite a funny night. Plus managing to throw some shapes in Coyete Ugly and have some drinks was fun.

18th June 2016









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